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5 Powerful Questions First Time Homebuyers Need to Ask When Choosing an Agent


Your first home purchase will only be as good as the real estate agent you choose to help you.

This is not an exaggeration, it is the truth and we wanted to write this article to help first time homebuyers ask the best questions when considering and interviewing prospective real estate agents. Real estate transactions are complicated, complex and exhaustive. The single most important thing first time homebuyers can do when purchasing their first home is hiring an amazing agent. One who can help guide the first timer through a storm of financial, personal, emotional, legal and physical challenges, with ease and success at the end of the journey.

Here are 5 powerful questions to ask when first time homebuyers are considering and/or interviewing real estate agents:

Question #1: Do they specialize on helping first time homebuyers like me?

Agents nowadays can be working within a wide spectrum of real estate areas and you don’t want a jack-of-all-trades when dealing with this large of a transaction. An agent might be good in a lot of different areas in real estate, but they won’t be great at any. Don’t settle for “good” and go for “great.” Lastly, there’s nothing wrong with considering friends’ and families’ recommendations for a good real estate agent, but don’t stop there. Do your own research and interview the top 3 in-person. You don’t want to rush the process of hiring the agent. Ever.

Question #2: Do they seem competent, confident & able to guide me effectively?

Even though you might not be as knowledgeable about real estate, don’t be afraid to feel comfortable about the level of competency that an agent portrays when you have a meeting with them. Ask them about what the whole process looks like, what they think you can afford, what areas might be of interest to you, how does the mortgage process look like, etc. A great agent will sound well-versed, competent and will have the ability to really teach you effectively. Agents that are good teachers will reduce so much stress and overwhelm for you through out the process because you will feel educated, confident and in-control every step of the way. Pay close attention to how they deliver on these answers. You are trying to gauge their competency level, specifically within the area of helping first time homebuyers. TIP: Ask a prospective agent what problems most first time homebuyers experiences before, during and after the transaction. This will help you identify if the agent truly understands how to best help you.

Question #3: Do they provide a clear plan of action?

Once you get a sense of a prospective agent’s competency level, you want to make sure they have an actionable plan moving forward. An agent that stumbles through the next steps or can’t present you with a clear plan moving forward will present organizational problems down the road that can hurt you. On top of that, they might not be as strong and driven to negotiate price or terms on your behalf later in the transaction, due to their lack of authority and proactivity. An agent with an action plan is one who is prepared, focused and provides real guidance to you. So pay attention. 

Question #4: Do they offer additional value beyond the standard service?

So many agents compete with one another on the basis of how much more honest or hardworking they are compared to their competitors, but shouldn’t honest and work ethic be a requirement, not an added attribute? I mean, I don’t know many homebuyers who would prefer working with a dishonest agent, right? My point is this: ask your prospective agents if they offer anything else of value to you beyond the common practice (you’ll get a sense of what these are as you meet with agents). Examples of added value can be things like: favorable commission fee structures, systems that increase ease and reduce stress through out the transaction, etc. TIP: Going with an agent that has a great offer, but doesn’t have the experience or competency is a terrible decision. Make sure you ask this question once you are certain of the agent’s aptitude first!

Question #5: Do you intuitively like & trust them?

Going with your gut and intuition isn’t a bad thing. As a society, we have become very skilled at assessing people that can either help or hurt us and you should treat the hiring of a real estate agent in the same way. The biggest question to ask yourself here is, “Am I convinced that this agent really cares about me and my success in the transaction?” An agent who continually talks about themselves, their business and/or their brokerage and neglects to focus on your goals, fears or concerns is not a good one. You would want to keep looking at this point.

These questions might seem too simple, but they are the exact questions that you want to be asking when choosing the right real estate agent to help you get to your first and perfect home!

So often first time homebuyers rush-in to pairing up with a real estate agent when they embark on purchasing their first home without much thought and it makes no sense. Purchasing your first home is a major milestone in your life that can inflict so much stress on you and have harsh financial effects for the rest of your life. You don’t want to take the hiring of a real estate professional lightly because you might very well regret it someday in the future.



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5 Powerful Questions First Time Homebuyers Need to Ask When Choosing an Agent

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Jesse Ford

Thanks for mentioning that there’s nothing wrong with asking for family and friends for referrals and to do your own research interviewing the top three in-person. My wife and I are thinking of moving because we’re contemplating relocating to a warmer climate area. I think it’s a good investment to hire a reputable real estate agent to help us find the perfect home if we decide to move.

Daphne Gilpin

Thanks for the advice to make sure they provide a clear plan of action, since that’s a sign that the agent is focused, driven, and will make a good negotiator. My husband and I want to find a nice area to move to because we’ve both been able to find good jobs working from home. I’m glad I read your article because I was feeling overwhelmed about choosing a real estate agent before, but I feel a lot more prepared now that I know what qualities we should be looking for!