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Real estate makes for good drama. We hear the triumphant stories of individuals making all the right moves that reap them great experiences and financial wins, but we also hear of the aftermath and devastation that surrounds those who were less fortunate. We believe that one of the biggest differences in these two stories lies within the real estate professionals that were depended on and involved along the way. The inherent imbalance in this industry is clear: you are making a series of high-stress, complex decisions affecting your financial future when buying or selling real estate, but the professionals that you would rely on to guide you to success have very minimal license requirements and accountability to match the weight of the situation. Now more than ever, who you work with really matters.

Prescott Realty, Inc. is a locally-owned and operated boutique real estate company that has been in business since 1991 and possesses approximately 50+ years of collective experience. We are a company that has always believed in reinventing and refining the way we do business to provide the absolute best client service through outstanding experiences and consistent results. Our team, although small, has become one of the most trusted and successful in the area because of how we continue to make winners out of our clients.


We always do what we say we will do and don’t believe in making false promises along the way. Doing what’s right is #1.


Our team members master their craft in one area of real estate to provide you with unmatched service in their field.


We care more about positioning ourselves as your life-long real estate professionals, rather than “cranking out” transactions.

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