Hoping for a home of your own someday, but you just don’t know how to get there?

  • “I am feeling overwhelmed with how to get started” 
  • “My personal finances are a mess right now”
  • “My student loan debts are disheartening” 
  • “I don’t understand the mortgage process”
  • “I feel like I don’t know how everything works” 
  • “I don’t know how to hire the right agent”
  • “I don’t know when the right to buy is”
  • “I feel overwhelmed with where to begin”
  • “I want to set goals and have an action plan”

You need an agent that understands your struggles and can also help you navigate through one of the most complicated transactions in your life with ease and happiness waiting on the other side.

You actually do have what it takes to purchase your first home.

The superhero is you. Your guide is Kylie Elliott.

The perfect agent for you is right here



First Time Homebuyer Specialist, Realtor®

Phone: 928-848-8922

Email: kylie@prescottrealty.com

Kylie specializes in helping people who want to purchase their first home someday that might be currently feeling overwhelmed, scared, underprepared, lost, or uneducated. She’s passionate about guiding her clients through a journey that’s exciting, fun and super rewarding!


You shouldn’t have to go through it alone. 

A Quick Message from Kylie!

  • "Kylie was committed to making our home-buying experience an easy and seamless process! I would highly recommend her to find the right home for your anyone!"

    Jessica G.
  • "Kylie was great, knowledgeable, and willing to make my home buying experience amazing and fun. I was new to the area and her expertise helped find me the perfect house. I would recommend her to everyone and anyone!!"

    Hunter W.
  • "If I had a question at 7am, she answers. If I had a question at 8pm she answers. Not only did she answer every single question (and I had a million) but she helped us deal with the real stress that buying a home puts on people. I would never have imagined that we would have ever had such a good agent by our side."

    Denise G.
  • "She takes the time to really listen to you and your family and see the whole picture and meet your needs. She was amazing with my children during showings; I am so thankful for that, it alleviated stress and helped my husband and I focus. She truly goes above and beyond in all that she does and aims for the highest reward for her clients"

    Sheffy B.

So, where do you go from here?

1 || Book a time to meet with Kylie over a cup of coffee


2 || Discuss your current situation and goals to purchase your first home


3 || Receive an action plan to take the next steps forward with confidence

Kylie’s Free Resources*

*Because she wants you to ROCK your first home-buying experience.


A 19-page pdf book that will help give you the fuel that you need to start taking action today!


These 12.5 steps will help you make sense of the home-buying process and what to look for.


Is the thought of talking to mortgage lenders scary for you? Overcome those fears with this one!

Kylie’s Super Helpful Blog Articles

What makes Prescott Realty so different?

Is it a good idea to hire a divorce attorney when you are needing someone to represent you in a car accident? How about having your general family doctor perform cardiac surgery on you? Better yet, what would you think if you met a doctor that would assure you that he/she was phenomenal in all areas of health care (cardiac, orthopedic, neurological, etc.)?


These would seem like pretty ridiculous questions to answer, right? However, for the past decades, the real estate industry has been operating under these beliefs. Clients see all agents as created equal and agents are out marketing themselves to be the best in every area of real estate there is.


Prescott Realty believes in a different way of doing business.


Prescott Realty is made up of a small, but powerful team of local real estate professionals experts that are focused in practicing only ONE area of real estate. This assures that our clients receive the absolute best care, guidance and results from every single transaction.


People like to work with people they like and trust. Trust is gained from having the confidence in one’s ability to be the best within a certain industry, field or specialty. At Prescott Realty, we understand that there’s nothing like having a real estate agent that can help you navigate through complex situations within a transaction with ease and confidence because of their dedication to their respective specialty areas.

The times of using close friends or family as your real estate agent are over. We wouldn’t use that same approach when choosing the right cardiac surgeon, so why do it with our real estate agent. Now we get it, you might be thinking, “But cardiac surgery is life-threatening and a real estate transaction isn’t as critical.” But is it really? We know the stories of people who have gained so much in their life from smart and successful real estate transactions. Stories of wealth, personal freedom and more opportunity to do the things they enjoy to do – all because of strong and impactful real estate transactions. Unfortunately, we also know the stories of people who lost so much due to bad real estate transactions. Stories of financial hardship, personal & family strain and even health complications due to stress. At Prescott Realty, we dare say that the agent you choose to represent you correlates directly with the outcome of your transaction.

Choose to work with one of our agent specialists that will help reduce your stress, eliminate uncertainty and guide you through one of the most rewarding real estate experiences ever.