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The Most Glanced-Over Stage of the Homebuying Process


Many veterans are eager to use their VA home loan benefits to help them purchase the home of their dreams. However, some veterans overlook a very important critical step in the home buying process….obtaining pre-approval from a lender or mortgage broker. This step is very crucial to the home buying process for the following reasons:


– This will help you save time

– You will know up front how much money you can spend to purchase a home

– You will have an advantage over other buyers who are not yet pre-approved

– You can avoid surprises when finding out how low or high your credit score is


You don’t want to fall in love with a home only to end up not being able to afford it or get beat out by another buyer who is already pre-approved for a home loan. Getting pre-approved is a critical and essential first step to having a great home buying experience. Please contact me so I can help get you on the right path to purchasing the home of your dreams.


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Rocky specializes in representing current or former veterans looking to purchase a home in the surrounding Prescott, Arizona area. Being a veteran himself who has used his VA loan benefits numerous times in the past, Rocky can help assist veterans in all different financial or personal life stages use their VA loan to purchase a home.


The Most Glanced-Over Stage of the Homebuying Process

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