Identifying the hurdles you face in front of you is vital to knowing how to overcome them. I can help.

  • “I want to sell my investment property for the most amount of money”
  • Cash-flow is very important to me when buying an investment property”
  • “I want to invest in under-valued properties in appreciating areas”
  • “I’m an investor & a typical real estate agent doesn’t work. I need an expert”
  • “I’m new to this area/market & I want to take advantage of the opportunities
  • “I need an agent who can help guide me to achieve my investment goals”
  • “I’m having a hard time deciphering the market & what deals I should look at”
  • “I’m not sure if it’s the best time to buy-&-hold or buy-&-sell in the cycle”
  • “Which properties should I hold on to & which ones need to be sold?”

A multi family owner/investor approaches the buying & selling of real estate very differently than your typical residential transactions. They need an agent that can help navigate them through complex market metrics, trends, shifts & opportunities to make the best real estate investment decisions.

The wrong agent or mediocre advice can lose you lots of money on the transaction, but can also lose you money for years to come.

Now more than ever, multi family owners & investors need to work with an expert-agent who can achieve the best results without all the stress.

The perfect agent for you is right here



Multi Family Specialist, Realtor®

Phone: 928-851-4500


Jon specializes in helping experienced & inexperienced multi family owners/investors buy or sell in the surrounding Prescott, AZ markets. His expertise, professionalism & skillset helps position his clients to make the smartest & most profitable real estate deals. Jon prides himself on becoming more of a lifetime real estate advisor that his clients can trust and consult with when venturing into real estate deals.

A Quick Message from Jon!

The “2019 Multi Family Annual Report” is NOW AVAILABLE

Get your hands on one of the most trusted and powerful market reports for multi family investors. From Duplexes to Multi-Building Apartments.

*Report covers the surrounding Prescott, AZ area and Yavapai County.

Not ready to sell or buy an investment property yet, but you want to stay informed on market trends, shifts & opportunities? No problem.

Join an exclusive group of multi family owners/investors that are receiving free & powerful insights by Jon Rocha.

*Space is limited.

  • "Jon did a stellar job. He represented us well. Very available and helpful with professional advice. Also willing to deal with more menial coordination tasks for the out-of-town sellers."

    Brian K.
  • "Jon went above and beyond the duties of a realtor and provided excellent referrals for various service people that helped get the property ready to sell. His professionalism and knowledge of the area are unmatched."

    Ian H.
  • "We enjoyed working with Jon. He used all forms of new technology to keep us updated and list our property. He also made some impressive flyers, booklets & marketing materials for the sale of our property for potential buyers. We were impressed. I cannot express enough how smooth everything went."

    Michelle T.
  • "Jon was very knowledgeable and professional and met all our needs. He was very easy to get in contact with when we had a question and always replied as soon as possible. Jon also went the extra mile with his marketing strategies to get our property the most exposure & highest price."

    Doug A.
  • "Jon researched the market in our area thoroughly and priced our property to sell. He was very accommodating to our needs and always pleasant. He answered any questions that we had and was very knowledgeable. We would recommend Jon to anyone."

    Lisa C.

How do you get started?

1 || Book a call with Jon to share your thoughts & goals of what you want to do.


2 || Schedule a no-commitment consultation to discuss the best plan for you.


3 || Sign the necessary paperwork & get going!

Jon’s Free Resources*


Keep more money in your pocket & less in Uncle Sam’s with these 15 tax deductions that you need to know about!


A super-handy Excel sheet that will help you stay organized income & expenses from your rental property.


Read about why multi family properties fail to sell for top-dollar and how you don’t need to fall victim to it.

Jon’s Blog Articles

What makes Prescott Realty so different?

Is it a good idea to hire a divorce attorney when you are needing someone to represent you in a car accident? How about having your general family doctor perform cardiac surgery on you? Better yet, what would you think if you met a doctor that would assure you that he/she was phenomenal in all areas of health care (cardiac, orthopedic, neurological, etc.)?


These would seem like pretty ridiculous questions to answer, right? However, for the past decades, the real estate industry has been operating under these beliefs. Clients see all agents as created equal and agents are out marketing themselves to be the best in every area of real estate there is.


Prescott Realty believes in a different way of doing business.


Prescott Realty is made up of a small, but powerful team of local real estate professionals experts that are focused in practicing only ONE area of real estate. This assures that our clients receive the absolute best care, guidance and results from every single transaction.


People like to work with people they like and trust. Trust is gained from having the confidence in one’s ability to be the best within a certain industry, field or specialty. At Prescott Realty, we understand that there’s nothing like having a real estate agent that can help you navigate through complex situations within a transaction with ease and confidence because of their dedication to their respective specialty areas.

The times of using close friends or family as your real estate agent are over. We wouldn’t use that same approach when choosing the right cardiac surgeon, so why do it with our real estate agent. Now we get it, you might be thinking, “But cardiac surgery is life-threatening and a real estate transaction isn’t as critical.” But is it really? We know the stories of people who have gained so much in their life from smart and successful real estate transactions. Stories of wealth, personal freedom and more opportunity to do the things they enjoy to do – all because of strong and impactful real estate transactions. Unfortunately, we also know the stories of people who lost so much due to bad real estate transactions. Stories of financial hardship, personal & family strain and even health complications due to stress. At Prescott Realty, we dare say that the agent you choose to represent you correlates directly with the outcome of your transaction.

Choose to work with one of our agent specialists that will help reduce your stress, eliminate uncertainty and guide you through one of the most rewarding real estate experiences ever.

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