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Ranked: How Does Prescott Stack-Up Against Other Cities in the U.S.?


There is an underlying consensus among residents of Prescott, Arizona that doesn’t need to even be spoken to be understood…living in this wonderful and beautiful place is something to be grateful for! Whether it be from the rich western history or the small town values that are shared, we are surrounded by many factors that make this a fantastic place to live in. 

But how do others perceive our beloved town? How do we stack-up against all the other cities in the country? Let’s find out! 

Here are the top 5 most significant list rankings that I found to feature Prescott, Arizona compared to other cities in the U.S.: 

#9 in Overall City Well-Being (Gallup-Share Care, 2018)

The survey conducted by a Gallup segment analyzed “how well-being varies by community and across five elements: purpose, social, financial, community & physical.” Prescott finished in the top 10 tier for the Social and Financial category and Top 20 in the Purpose and Physical category. 

Simplified: We have awesome people that create & nurture strong relationships (with lots of love) and a large number of folks who are good with money! 

#13 for the Happiest & Healthiest City in America (Time Magazine, 2016) 

 The research conducted was similarly split into the following categories: physical, emotional, financial, community & social health, but had a more specific focus on the well-being of individual persons living here, rather than economical, cultural or recreational metrics for the entire city. 

Simplified: We have a community of generally active, health-conscious & overall happy people who value relationships. 

#1 for Cleanest Air in the U.S. (American Lung Association, 2015)

Prescott took the gold out of 12 other U.S. cities that were categorized with “clean air” back in 2015. More specifically, the report released, found that Prescott’s “particle pollution” (primarily dust & smoke) was extremely low, making for the “most pristine” skies in the country! 

Simplified: Not only do we get to enjoy some spectacular skies year round, but we are people who are exposed to the least amount of air pollution in the country! Pat yourself on the chest & breathe in deep with peace of mind!

#18 for Cities that “Must Be Seen” in 2018 (Expedia Viewfinder, 2018) 

Prescott’s most notable stand-outs that got us on this list were the July 4th festivities and events that take place through out the summer with an emphasis on the “World’s Oldest Rodeo.” Expedia’s list suggested to small town adventure-seekers that the best time to visit Prescott was during the summer for fantastic events and recreational activities that boast amazing natural scenery. 

Simplified: It is quite impressive to be on a list that features cities like San Antonio, New Orleans and Kansas City. There are plenty of avid travelers and adventure-seekers that are wanting to experience the rich history, beauty & people of Prescott. 

If you are looking to come visit this summer, click HERE for a real handy calendar of all the community events for Prescott, provided by the Prescott Chamber of Commerce.

#5 Best Places to Raise a Family in Arizona (HomeSnacks with U.S. Census Data, 2019)

HomeSnacks is a website that analyzes data from the U.S. Census, FBI and OpenStreetMaps and creates “bite-sized” reports to help people understand life among different communities across the country. HomeSnacks released this list of the top 10 places in Arizona for the given category and paid particular attention to the following: crime (both violent & property), quality of local schools, distance to a major city without necessarily being in it, percentage of households with children and family-friendly amenities nearby (museums, libraries & colleges). 

Simplified: It might be argued by many that it might be on the more expensive side to raise a younger family in Prescott, which is fair to say, however keep in mind that household income was not a data point that was considered for this study! All around we can agree that based on the data provided – we definitely have a great place to raise a family…that’s what I concluded 10 years ago! 🙂 


There is definitely some pride associated with knowing that our beloved city of Prescott is not just amazing in our own hearts, but that it is receiving national accolades and attention through out the country. However, here’s the part that will surely blow all of our minds when we glance at the numbers of what exactly all of this means. 

As of 2012, U.S. Census data (I know 2012 is not as recent as we would like, but it’s good enough) recognized 19,522 cities in America. 19,522.

That means that making these top lists puts Prescott in the top 0.1% of cities within their respective categories…in…the…country! *insert jaw-drop here* 

We often hear a lot of talk regarding the people of this world that make up the infamous “1%” of the economical & social class, but come on! We are sitting in the top 0.1% of all cities in the country!

And that, I believe, is something to be proud of!

Why is all of this important? 

Because this serves as a reminder to all of us that we get to live in a very special place and obtaining nationally-recognized proof to back it up doesn’t hurt either.

With all of this said and shared — pause and take a moment today to appreciate the things that make this  place special for our friends, families and fellow citizens.

At least now we know it’s not just a feeling shared, but a statistical fact broadcasted.




Ranked: How Does Prescott Stack-Up Against Other Cities in the U.S.?

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