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Prescott Realty is currently seeking an awesome Residential Listing Agent to join a growing and ambitious team of A Players. Our ideal candidate will be an active licensed real estate salesperson (or Broker) with the State of Arizona that is willing to be a full-time agent and make a lucrative real estate career attainable by working within a healthy team environment.

They will have a minimum of 2 years experience in real estate sales (representing both, buyers & sellers), a basic understanding of current marketing strategies and tools, and are highly self-motivated and achievement-driven. They will love working with a team and will make a meaningful impact on those around them with their infectious enthusiasm and relentless drive to always go further and faster in achieving amazing results in real estate sales. 

If this sounds like you and you’d like the opportunity to work for a reputable, high-growth brokerage that has the authority of a corporation, but the tenacity and business model of a startup culture — please read on. 


This is a position for a full-time career real estate agent (Independent Contractor) that will be on a competitive commission split based on experience level (NO monthly, transactional or hidden fees). You will be the brokerage’s exclusive and sole listing agent that will work, represent, and manage all residential listings under $600,000 (Listing Price). Brokerage will be actively-committed to promoting, marketing and advertising your unique role within the team as Residential Listing Specialist through various marketing mediums.


Prospecting for Listings: 

Set goals, schedule & execute regular time blocks to work a system in prospecting for new listings and acquire new seller clients, not limited to just phone calls. 

Exceptional Client Service Plan: 

Create, develop, implement, execute and continually refine a written framework of how to be providing the absolute highest level of client service through out the many stages associated with the real estate journey. 

Marketing Campaigns & Plans: 

Dream up, develop, implement & execute effective marketing plans utilizing multiple platforms & methods to effectively attract, promote and convert leads to clients with the direction and support of company leadership. 

On-Going Professional Development: 

A sincere commitment to continually learn, grow and better yourself to provide the most exceptional service to your clients by on-going training, reading, skill exercises and healthy accountability. 

Market Research & Data (Expertise): 

Comfortable with finding, gathering and disseminating real estate market data to the general public, as to become a trusted source in the local marketplace and established as an expert in the field. Market reports and briefings will be required at regular intervals. 

Transaction Management: 

Self-manage all transactional documentation while complying with all Arizona Department of Real Estate Rules & Regulations, Federal, State and local laws. Also, complying with Designated Broker requirements regarding administrative procedures. 

On-Going Professional Development: 

A sincere commitment to continually learn, grow and better yourself to provide the most exceptional service to your clients by on-going training and coaching accountability. 

Digital Marketing: 

Comfortable level of knowledge and usability with various social media platforms and a commitment to engage followers, the general public or potential clients with regular and frequent social media activity. 



Achiever & Big Dreamer: 

We need someone who is not ready to settle for a mediocre, “okay” real estate career, but rather someone who has the biggest aspirations to be the best, leave a mark and reap large financial successes. 

Self-Starter, Self-Manager: 

We need someone who takes initiative, anticipates needs, and gets stuff done consistently with high quality work and results. 


We are committed to a high level of responsiveness within our team, but most importantly with out clients, partners, affiliates, and vendors. 


We’re driven by results because we understand the impact it has on the lives of the clients we are privileged to serve. Our candidates should be, too. 

Committed to Excellence: 

We want to exceed expectations in everything we do and reflect positively on our brand, team, and reputation that benefits all of us collectively. 


This person will know that real estate is inherently complex and spits out problem-after-problem, but this person will be always composed and focused on the best solutions to all the problems-at-hand. 

Positive Attitude: 

Our ideal candidate has a can-do spirit, is fun to be around, does not complain, make excuses, or gossip. 


Solid People Skills: 

The ideal candidate is extremely comfortable with people and has the confidence to direct, guide, and articulate to prospective clients and actual clients their best options and solutions involved in a real estate transaction. Ideal candidate will be naturally-inclined to thrive in social environments or direct connections. 

Team Builder: 

We are committed to our team’s culture and we want someone that has successfully participated previously in team structures or environments. This person will be valued and expected to contribute vision and ideas for the ultimate growth and success of the team’s and company. 

Problem Solver: 

This person will have the ability to figure stuff out without and hand-holding. This person will thrive on seeing problems as opportunities to learn and overcome the task at hand. 


There are many moving pieces in the real estate business. We want someone comfortable managing complex processes, systems, and plans on a routine basis. 

High Follow-Through: 

Our business turns on delivering excellent client service that’s timely and done with the highest standards. We live and die by doing what we actually say we’re going to do. 

No exceptions. 



Earning a High School Diploma will suffice. We have seen extraordinary achievements from people that might have had less than this, so we believe in it. 

Professional Experience:

PREFERRED. At minimum of 2 consecutive years of active & full-time real estate experience in the representation of buyers or sellers and transitional sales. This is a “preferred” item, so if you still believe that you would make a great fit — don’t disqualify yourself!

*More details & benefits regarding this position will be disclosed to candidate at a later stage within the hiring process, as per the discretion of the company leadership. 




To begin the application process, please submit the form below: 


New Hire Candidate Form

  • In a few sentences, please indicate to us why you feel that you are an ideal candidate for this position. Thank you.
  • Please upload your most current resume (PDF format) highlighting your real estate experience, if any. Thank you.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 20 MB, Max. files: 3.


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    Brad Ball
    October 24, 2018 2:19 pm

    This looks like a great opportunity!

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