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Top 7 Reasons to Buy a New Home Now


The “charm” and “personality” of an existing home is overrated. Homebuyers are really missing out on some amazing homeownership benefits by not considering a brand new home! Read on for my top 7 reasons to buy a new home now!


  1. Quality of Construction

The quality of new construction is one of the biggest reasons to buy new.  Unlike older homes, new homes are built to higher safety and building standards.  Like everything else there are new building techniques and materials that are designed to last longer and are frequently backed by builders’ warranties.  A new home can give you peace of mind, knowing that the normal day to day wear and tear on a typical resale house is not an issue on a new build.

  1. Better Floor Plans

New homes almost always feature open floor plans that allow you to design your home around your life, not the other way around.  The modern floor plans found in new homes conform to how we live, a lot of times they include multiple living spaces and spacious and open kitchens.  The newer floor plans tend to make efficient use of space and have more creative storage spaces.  Less clutter and crowding!

  1. Ability to Personalize

When you buy an older house, you tend to have to decide if you want to spend thousands of dollars to transform the house to suit your needs or live with the previous owner’s questionable design choices.  Remodeling can be expensive, time consuming and stressful…it is definitely not for everyone.  

Personalizing a new home is one of the best parts of buying a newly constructed home.  You can transform your living spaces into a serene and comfortable area tailored to your lifestyle and personal tastes.  Even if a home is completely built or close to being completely built tend to allow personalization that makes a home truly yours!

  1. Lower Maintenance Cost

Who wants to spend time and money putting a new roof on an old home or fix the AC or heater… Maintaining an older house can be expensive and home buyers know it.  New homes being better built means less money coming out of your pocket!  Not only that, after you move in you can relax, not worry about your next home improvement project!

  1. Energy Efficiency

A new home is 30% more energy efficient then a home built only 5 years ago.  There are even builders that pride themselves in how green they can make a home.  A savvy new home buyer realizes that this newly built home will save them money in more than one way, maintenance and efficiency!

  1. Safer Neighborhoods

We all know that location, location, location is a major factor in buying a home.  Typically, a newly constructed home will be in a new home community.  This offers you a comfortable home in a vibrant community.  You choose if you want to be close to amenities or living it up on the range!

  1. Lower Cost Per Square Foot

Even though new homes offer great features, new homes still cost less per square foot than older houses.  This maximizes your investment while saving time and money over the life of your home.  Cost per square foot is very important when it comes to buying a home, everyone is looking for the best value for their buck!


Having the knowledge and reasons why a new home is what fits best in your future is the first step in buying a newly-constructed home. Now we just need to find the right-size home, home builder and neighborhood for you to begin your next chapter of life – let’s go!



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Debra specializes in helping people who want to purchase a new home, but don’t want to have the joy of homeownership robbed from them due to constant maintenance and upkeep. Debra believes that a newly-constructed home can be the answer to more personal freedom and less stress for people’s lives and possesses the construction & real estate experience to help folks welcome the perfect home!





Top 7 Reasons to Buy a New Home Now

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Austin Saunders
February 6, 2020 7:21 am

I like what you said about building your own home so that you can design it around your life. My brother has been telling me about how he wants to have more space in his kitchen in the coming years. I’ll share this information with him so that he can look into his options for getting a home with a big kitchen built.

Home Buyer
September 25, 2019 8:53 am

You’re right. Thanks for pointing out these helpful reason for buyers. This is also main reasons that buyers should consider for buying new house.

Debra Cozens
Debra Cozens
October 23, 2019 9:33 am
Reply to  Home Buyer

It’s my pleasure Home Buyer! Thanks! 🙂

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